Thursday, May 20, 2010

For whom the phone rings

It's wet, rainy and in the interests of pretending I have something meaningful to say on this wet and rainy day, I am typing. Yes typing. And job hunting. I have been unemployed for just over a month, in which time my available fundage has dwindled into the realm of the non existent. Oh joy of joys.

I love to work. I love money. Suffice to say my non working, non money making state is starting to do my head in. While all work is honourable, I can't bring myself to apply for the glut of call centre roles on offer for the fact that I'm having severe telephone anxiety. I dread the phone now - I die a little every time it rings. 6 years of 'welcome to... you're speaking with Sophia' will do that to you.

So what to do now? That, dear non readers will be revealed in future installments... and oh look, here comes the sun

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